My Inkbox Experience

Have you ever wanted a tattoo so badly, but wasn't sure if it was right for you? Well theres a way to test it out!! Inkbox! Inkbox is a way to have a tattoo on your skin for a limited time without the pain of the needles! Stephanie Russell and I wanted to put it... Continue Reading →


Learning to Skateboard

Since I was young I have always been fascinated with skateboarding! I tried it out when I was around 11 or 12 but was terrified to fall or get hurt so I stopped. Now that I'm 21 I've found interest in it again and want to progress as much as I can! Today I started... Continue Reading →

Rescuing Pets

Pets are wonderful companions who are there for people through the worst or best of times. I couldn't imagine my life without my pets a lot of which were rescued! These are my pets that my family saved: Maggie and Jackson My father found this brother sister duo in a box behind a metal trash... Continue Reading →

Spyro 3 Year of the Dragon

Spyro 3 ends the Insomniac era of Spyro games with a little hooray! The last in the trilogy came out on October 24, 2000. The Tale In this adventure Spyro along with hunter and the other dragons are fast asleep in the Dragon Realm until a bunny named Bianca and her Rhynoc crew come and steal all... Continue Reading →

I Made Chili

Cooking is a unifying experience for people around the world. Whether it be a large holiday party or a small family dinner, food brings everyone together. As children a lot of us looked on as our parents, grandparents, friends or any other family member was cooking a special meal that would fill the house with... Continue Reading →

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